Growing Pains (Indigo Dreams Publishing, March 2020)

In this chapbook, Isabelle Kenyon navigates the grey space between child and adult. From the playground wars with worms, to the value of a woman’s body as she learns to take up her own space, this collection values kindness in an increasingly cruel society.  

"Spartan of both language and spirit, Isabelle Kenyon's uncompromising Growing Pains sifts and measures the weight of the human soul. In this unflinching and incisive commute from schoolyard savagery through toxic masculinity and calculating a woman's worth, to grief and dislocation, Kenyon divines humanity's salvation in passing acts of kindness." 

- Anne Casey, Poet and Writer (Salmon Poetry, The Times) 

This is not a Spectacle


“This Is Not A Spectacle is a poignant and meditative commentary on the human existence. By way of captivating imagery and musicality, Kenyon’s words can be felt equally in the mind and in the heart.”

– Ashley Jean Granillo, Author of LOVE FROM THE BARRICADE

“The Visual in this Chapbook was stunning” – L Tualla

“Many of the poems are absolute screamers and have you on your feet applauding” – K Lewington


The second edition of This is not a Spectacle explores the aftermath of a car crash, grief and strength. How do we live through loss and hardship? How do we mask our pain?

Digging Holes To Another Continent


‘Kenyon explores the difficulty of dealing with a loss in a place far removed from where the loss occurred. She also interrogates the complicated emotions felt upon returning home to a familiar setting, now absent of those loved ones associated with home… Ultimately, Digging Holes to Another Continent is a small but powerful chapbook that carries the reader through the ups and downs of travel, family, love and loss. The final poem (which I will let you read for yourselves!) is an extremely strong and thought-provoking finale. Definitely readable in one sitting, Kenyon’s poems each tell a story on their own, but collected into a chapbook, create a captivating narrative you won’t regret reading.’

– Beth O’Brien, Mad Hatter Reviews

“Digging Holes to Another Continent, contains twenty poems, but it speaks volumes. Almost like a small story in verse, the poems in this chapbook chronicle the sights and experiences of a trip to New Zealand. The beaches and the sea feature heavily in these perfect small poems, and these pieces turn the reader into a traveler to far distant shores.”

(Blurb by Nicholas Trandahl, author of Pulling Words and Think of Me)