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“I would highly recommend Isabelle Kenyon. Whether a manuscript or a single poem needs polishing for submission, she is professional and prompt at a really affordable price” – Daniel Phelps


Please download the following example plans: 


My Packages:

I offer both Proofreading and Editing Packages at competitive rates and I do not charge VAT.

The Proofreading Package covers any grammatical, formatting or spelling errors.

The Editing Package includes proofreading and a personalised service whereby I annotate the proof with suggestions and advice.  

I will also be happy to provide quotes for editing individual poems.

The below prices are a guide. For an exact quote based on poem and page numbers please email with a sample of your work. 

Full Editing Packages:

Editing Package for Poetry Chapbooks (Roughly 20 – 25 poems): £40

Editing Package for Poetry Collections (Roughly 40 – 60 poems ): £80

Editing Package for Novels: Calculated at £0.01 per word. 

Just Proof Reading Services:

Proof Reading for Poetry Chapbooks (40 pages or under): £2

Proof Reading for Full Poetry Collections (roughly 60 pages or under): £45

Proof Reading for Novels: Varies. Contact me for a quote.

To arrange an Editing Service please email me at 

I look forward to reading your work!

Payment is via an Email Invoice which will take you to Paypal.


I have never used a poetry editor before, so I had no idea what would happen once I decided to send a collection to Isabelle. To me, her approach is detailed and encouraging. Many of the poems benefitted from just one or two word changes or deletions. In some cases, she, with fresh eyes, saw room for development and re-writes. All in all, it has been time and money well spent, and I recommend Isabelle highly.

Joe Cushnan

Memoir Author and Poet

Isabelle will preserve your original vision and improve the quality of your writing. She’s affordable and has a quick turnaround time, which in the publishing industry is invaluable. I would highly recommend Isabelle if you need a prompt and professional editor.

Ashley Jean

Author of ‘Love from the Barricade’

Isabelle Kenyon figured out where I can best place the punctuation. Kenyon picked out where I was missing words or switching between tenses in the poems. She was also able to question the unnecessary words or confusing lines in my poems to help me make the poems stronger. She was able to take care of the little and big things I had missed.

Fida Islaih

Poet and Editor 

Isabelle Kenyon edited my chapbook, “not your Token,” and she was lovely to work with. She was timely with her responses and feedback. She offered advice on the ways that I could possibly take my chapbook to the next level that I was hesitant to try in the beginning due to my own self-doubt of not wanting to “step on people’s toes.” But the overall theme that I was attempting to convey about my identity as an immigrant, a writer, and poet, I needed a push to put a stake in that space for my own self and the story that I wanted to tell.

I was pleased and empowered when she finished the edits, and when I sent the final pieces to my beta readers, their feedback solidified that Kenyon knew exactly where it needed to go and what I needed to do to take it there.”

Leila Tualla

Poet and Author

Social Media, getting that right is difficult! Especially when you are doing more than one thing.  Like me, I am an actress, voice actress & screenwriter, lucky enough to work in all three fields and terrible in getting that across online.

So I decided it’s time to get some help. Isabelle reacted to a post on Facebook. Her first message already gave me the feeling that she knows what she is doing. She had a look at all my pages before sending me a proposal. From there, it was very easy to know that she is the one I was looking for. 

Her input helped me so much! She inspired me on how to approach my entire online presentation, which is still in the re-making since our chat. She gave me lots of input on how to post, when to post, how to organise my social media pages, what headers to use, how to market myself with everything I am. 

I am so grateful, and I will call for sure again, if I need more Social Media Marketing input for my projects. 

Ps: She’s also just really lovely and her cute dog in the background during our online conversation made my day. 

Laura Sophie Helbig