2020: The year to focus?

Happy New Year (unless it is already too late to say that?)

I have actually made some resolutions this year to do with writing. It can be easy to wriggle out of working on my own work with currently 4 jobs and general exhaustion! I’m hoping this will help.

This year I am going to:

  • Submit more of my work to journals
  • Write at least once a month (I want my goals to be achievable!) Quality not quantity 🙂
  • Focus on going to more open mic sessions (I’m flat searching this year to move into the city of Manchester, or at least closer, which will definitely help. Currently I have to have the motivation to get a train and a bus or a willing driver!)

I’ve not started too badly out of the blocks – I’ve had 3 poems out with The Pangolin Review already (which I actually wrote 1 and a half years ago, so it is good to find a home for them) and you can read them here.

I’ve also applied for a Pamphlet Editing day with The Poetry Business – wish me luck!

Do you have any writing resolutions and are you sticking to them so far?

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